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My Story

I have been in the beauty and fashion industry for over 40 years which includes professional esthetician services, permanent makeup for brows, eyeliner, lips and scar camouflage. I am licensed in Virginia, New York and Texas. I am partnered with the AIRS foundation  and A.R.T.  My expertise is 3D nipple and areola tattooing.  It is my passion to make you feel better about yourself and to provide the upmost professional service that you deserve.  My ultimate satisfaction is for you to walk away from any of my services with a smile. My education includes:

  • Scar School by the DC Metod  with Linda Dunn-Carter.

  • Micro-strokes with Daria Churpy.

  • Machine hair strokes with Monica Ivani.

  • Star dust powder brows, eye lash enhancement & aquarelle lips with Kristina Melnicenco. 

  • AcademyS with Paola Soto.

  • Areola Restorative Tattoo (A.R.T) by Stacie-Rae Weir

  • Fundamental 3D nipple areola & scar camouflage tattooing with Sauler Institute of Tattooing .

  • Advanced 3D nipple areola tattooing with Vicky Martin.

  • Tattoo removal & color theory with Teryn Darling.

  • Color theory with Marjorie Winebrenner-Grimm. (author of Cosmetic Tattooing Fundamentals and an administrator of SPCP).

  • HIPPA certified.

  • OSHA & Bloodborne Pathogen certified.

  • NPI registered.

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